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Calçotadas; one of Spain's food festivals brought to London by Boqueria Tapas.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Calçotadas, or Calcots in short, are a one-yearly Catalonian winter barbeque feast. It might sound slightly odd to be eating barbecued spring onions in late January, but trust us, they are very, very moreish! We have written before on Boqueria's lovely Tapas and we have attended the Calçot festival before, and we are keen to return once again for the above mentioned moreishness aspect.

In brief, what look like spring onions, that are in fact white onions that are grown like leeks, being earthed up as they grow. They are trimmed and then barbecued fiercely until a char appears on the outer skins. To eat them you grasp one, and "unglove" the outer charred skin and then dip your Calçot into Romescu sauce and eat, simple as that. They are tender and sweet, and match perfectly with the sauce. Then you want another!

Boqueria has two dates, January 26th and February 9th when you can go and try Calçotadas. For £33 you get a variety of accompanying dishes to go alongside the Calçotadas, including pudding, and of course a glass Cava, purely for palate refreshing of course.

Don't delay booking as dates are limited.

Boqueria is at:

192 Acre Lane,


020 7733 4408

1 comment

1 Comment

Jan 14, 2020

Looks delicious. I love Calcots and Romescu sauce. Definitely thinking of going.

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