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Christmas beer, at last!

Updated: May 23, 2021

There cannot be any doubt in anyone's mind that amongst many industries hard hit by Covid-19 and what 2020 has dealt us all, the brewing industry has faced enormous challenges. We've all seen the reports of hundreds of litres of beer being washed down the drains as being unable to be sold, it's shelf life has approached and passed.

The relationships of tied versus free-house pubs is complex, and also the partnerships with many, many off site breweries who relied upon supplying pubs as the main part of their turnover. Some have already fallen by the wayside, but some have taken stock and adapted to the new normal, and branched out into local and national deliveries.

Our Local Craft brewery is The Cronx brewery. Established in 2011, the Cronx brewed for local pubs and festivals before branching out with their own bar at the Croydon Boxpark venue. We've spent a fair amount of time in that bar it has to be said! There is a bus stop right outside that takes us straight home!

Earl Grey Bitter
Earl Grey and Grapefruit Bitter

Like most breweries they have a core range of beers(five in this case). Standard bitter, Kotchin blonde, Nektar pale, Entire porter and Pop Up! IPA are well known around Croydon for being fresh, well brewed beers. However, like most breweries they also branch out into specials or seasonals from time to time. Presented here is their specials collection, six 500ml cans, two each of Anglo-American Pale, Earl Grey & Grapefruit Bitter, and the Christmas spiced Ale Scarf Ritual.

The 3 beers included in the specials collection.

Each has it's own distinctive and polished taste. The Earl Grey and Grapefruit Bitter has a lovely tang with the hint of smoky Earl Grey in the background, and would match well with a range of starters. The Anglo-American has a deeper chewier body and would match well with perhaps a main course with red meat? Scarf Ritual is a classic winter spiced ale. Malty with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and orange. Perfect for a sweet dessert course, ideal with Christmas pudding!

Delivering nationally, and free locally in Croydon, the specials collection and their whole range is available in their online Bottle shop. They also run a beer-club with a monthly subscription, which gets you monthly beer at an excellent price.

The beer and pub scene has been changed hugely by 2020's pandemic. However the adaptions that have been made within the industry will almost certainly remain going forward, and have probably improved Craft beer's prospects nationally as many people have looked to support their local breweries, and also look anew at what's available. Hopefully we will bring you some beers from many others in time, but for now a list below will suffice. In the meantime why not pop over to The Cronx's website and see what takes your fancy?

The Cronx is at:

Unit 6, Vulcan Business Centre, Vulcan Way Croydon, CR0 9UG, United Kingdom

+44(0)20 3475 8848

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