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Cronx Brewery's new Tropical Pale

Koop Island new beer
Koop Island, The Cronx's new beer

We were recently sent a sample of The Cronx's new session pale ale, Koop Island.

With a solid core range behind them, The Cronx is able to try out new styles and this session pale sits squarely in a niche that is possibly the only vacant space in that line-up. Described as a Tropical pale, it firmly hits the mark of juicy fruit in a sessionable beer. The Cronx's own descriptors of Passionfruit and Pineapple are to my palate spot on, with the Pineapple being the predominant flavour/aroma for me.

beer 6 pack
Koop Island 6 pack

Available in cans from the bottle shop and currently on Draught in the bar, it's really refreshing and very drinkable. Beer choice nowadays is very very wide, but most drinkers will have a kind of standard start point mentally when they walk into a bar. Those beers that you will hope to find are "on" so that if the choice is too wide to contemplate initially, or so bland you are hoping that one is at least a quality beer.... you will be glad to see it on the menu. Koop Island is now one of my default "Can't go wrong with that!" beers. That sounds like I'm damning with faint praise, but that's definitely not the case. Koop island is a lovely beer that I find myself returning to regularly, and eagerly!


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