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Fritz & Matlock at the Pleasance theatre

The pleasance theatre in carpenters mews
The Pleasance, Carpenters mews

We were invited along to a showing of “Fritz & Matlock” at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington this week. Set in the former venue of an old Bus works, the theatre has a choice of three spaces.

The Pleasance theatre has also 2 bars, the larger ground floor one also serving some amazing looking food. We travelled up after work and had little time to eat so wasted some time looking nearby in vain for some eateries, ending up with a microwaved Samosa from a friendly local shop keeper.

We should not have bothered! The venue would have served all our culinary and beverage needs. Both bars had a good wine and beer list as well as the downstairs food. When we return we will head straight to the venue as we now know what a good selection is available.

The Depot, ideal for food and drink
The Depot serving great food and drink

Set in the middle sized venue at the Pleasance, Fritz & Matlock is as the title suggests about 2 men struggling with a time sensitive problem with a dead body and Cannabis factory located in one of the men’s grandmother’s house in Sheffield. On the eve of his wedding Fritz is more worried about the blood on his wedding suit than the fate of the person in the freezer.

Dealing with male friendship, both toxic and caring, the play takes the viewer across one evening in the lives of the two friends. The dialogue is sharp and quick, with humour, intensity and perfect timing.

I won’t go into any more detail lest I bring any spoilers, but the play works very well in the small space, being entertaining and with a degree of suspense and slight surrealism.

The two actors James Wallwork and Salvatore D’Aquilla both wrote and perform the play with gusto and authenticity, and we very much enjoyed the event.

Despite a minimal yet very effective set, both actors had the enviable talent of drawing the audience into their world and we spent the performance really “in” the storyline.

As a venue the Pleasance is an enticing draw, with a wide and varied choice of arts. Along with the completeness of the available food and drink we will certainly be back and highly recommend a visit, and Fritz & Matlock is the ideal play to get started with! It's running until 17th October - so get your skates on.

Disclaimer: We were guests of the Pleasance Theatre but all views and content are our own.

Carpenters mew

North Road

London N7 9EF


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