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Werewolf Beer - the American Brewery coming to Camden soon

This is a bit of a rock 'n roll love story. My friend Laura is a huge Frank Turner fan, and through the fan club got into conversation with a fellow fan from Syracuse called Rich.

When they met in person at a Wembley gig everything fell into place, and they ended up getting married in the States. Knowing that Frank was touring the US, they asked if he'd witness their wedding in Pennsylvania and he duly obliged. A truly unique experience.

Rich up-rooted and moved to London to be with Laura. He's been working hard in the London craft beer scene, for 5 years he was the Head Brewer for the London Brewing Company. For the past year or so Rich has been pulling together plans for his own brewery and tap room.

The name came easily; he's an American in London and one of his favourite films is (you've guessed it) An American Werewolf in London. So Werewolf Beer as a concept was born.

He's been trialing some recipes courtesy of The Rose + Crown in Kentish Town. Kegs of test batches of his Psychobilly American Pale Ale and Horrorshow Rye IPA sold out in hours.

The premises - just a little work required!

Shortly before the pandemic he thought that he'd found the perfect premises, but everything had to go on hold. In the meantime, the same landlord has found him something more suitable, but which needs massive amounts of work doing to it to make it habitable; a skin, drainage, water, electricity to name a few of the essentials.

Rich has been given business advice to start canning straight away, and is now crowdfunding to achieve his dream. There are incentives from £10 upwards, with the opening night party proving a very popular option. Maybe it's because we've all heard about the ghost train he's bought as taproom seating! There are many other options, and any support you can give moves the dream a little closer.

It's nearly the 40th anniversary of the release of An American Werewolf in London (where did that time go?), and more importantly it's time to launch Werewolf Beer. Can you help Rich achieve his dream? Click through on the link below to do just that:



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