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Who we are...

Alex and Sarah have been contributing to a commercial blog for some years now, and things always have a habit of moving on, changing, and often for the better. 

This new online magazine is a new outlet for our musings and writings about three things we love, Food, Drink and Music.

We have written about, photographed, reviewed many things. Hotels, restaurants, wine, spirits, beer, food and travel destinations. 

Sarah is  terribly important in the NHS, doing much good work for the UK's beloved institution. In her spare time she is a lover of all things good in food, drink and entertainment, and loves live music. A fabulous cook, Sarah loves whipping up a dinner party spread, and savours fine wine and spirits.

Alex has done a lot of things in the name of work, and doesn't have a CV as it would be way too long. An avid home brewer, beer is Alex's thing, and not much renders him happier than sipping a new beer or visiting a new brewery or taproom. Alex also loves good food, and is entirely at home in the kitchen cooking up oversized portions.

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