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And then the Rodeo burned down!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

"And then the Rodeo burned down" is a comedy show that combines physical theatre, slapstick humour and dark comedic moments as well as delightfully upbeat ones as well. It's definitely one of the more interesting shows to escape the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, having won a much sought after Fringe first award.

However, while "And then Rodeo burned down" isn't a particularly inquisitive or deep examination of the life in America's central belt and its attitudes towards LGBTQ people, it is still a very funny romp through some unlikely psychological territory.

At about an hour long the fast pace works well as the storyline unfolds with a combination of dialogue and very carefully practiced choreography.

Held at the wonderful King's Head Theatre in Upper street Islington, it's also a great place for a drink and a bite to eat before the entertainment.

The show was funny and entertaining. The actors Chloe Rice and Natasha Roland were very accomplished in their roles having worked together for a decade now. The script was very well written, fast firing like a six shooter and the audience loved it. I really enjoyed this show, and the small stage and closeness of the actors and the stage really added to the effect. Physical comedy is something that takes a lot of talent in my view, and in this production nothing was out of place at any point, despite one small misdirection that was cleverly and easily turned into part of the act without any difficulty whatsoever. Impressive stuff.

Soundtracked by many familiar greats, Dolly Parton, Elvis, Cash it's a great way to spend an hour of entertainment. We were invited to the press night, but you can catch it at the King's head theatre Islington until the 11th of February.

Tickets £10-£25.

115 Upper St, London N1 1QN

020 7226 4443


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