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Cirque - The Greatest Show | Review

Updated: 6 days ago

Escape the ordinary and enter the world of the extraordinary!

A combination of musical theatre and circus performances, this show certainly lives up to its title. With music from The Greatest Showman, Lala Land, Dreamgirls, and Moulin Rouge, this show captivates the audience in a way that a standalone circus show might not be able to do. There is no doubt that the music makes a big difference and creates an entirely new level of circus experience.

There's nothing like a family show to keep you entertained, whether you're 12 or 80. As a matter of fact, I found the show quite inspiring, and I thought using music from The Greatest Showman was a good choice. There was a lot of popularity for this film and soundtrack because it conveyed a message of self-acceptance, hope, and love. This was exactly what Cirque did for me and created a joyful atmosphere.

While there were several great performances, Duo Eclipse delivered a jaw-dropping roller skate performance to One Night Only from the Dreamgirls that stood out for me. Duo Eclipse performed intricate routines on a podium in the middle of the stage, including a spectacular neck spin. I think this was very impressive and caused gasps from the audience (in a good way).

Adam Boom, the fire artist, gave another outstanding performance. This performance was so good you could feel the heat from the fire, but Adam made it look effortless, which shows his incredible talent and willingness to take creative risks for entertainment.

Christian Lee (the mime artist) was delightfully entertaining throughout the show. With great timing, Christian demonstrated his skills as a magician and comedian, and his interaction with the audience was very amusing. Although some of his performance was deliberately basic (e.g. juggling with one juggling ball), I say that as a compliment because it was a part of his comic routine, and I imagine it would have been even funnier for the younger members of the audience.

Aside from the traditional circus performances, there were also singing and dancing acts that really added soul to the show. I particularly enjoyed City of Stars from Lala Land and One Night Only from Dreamgirls, which were both great vocal performances.


I was invited to review this show at The Curve, Leicester, which is a lovely venue and gives a sense of grandeur with its very high ceilings. Cirque is very much the greatest show and is on a 100-date tour across the country so there’s plenty of time and places to see it. I would highly recommend a planned visit with all the family – you will love it!

The cast features:

Max Fox (Lead Vocalist) was lead vocalist for The Jerseys (UK Tour), The Jerseys Live in Vegas and the Lead Vocalist for The Queen’s 90th Concert Celebration at Windsor Castle.

Christian Lee (Mime Artist) is an award-winning comedian, actor, and magician who reached the live finals of Britain’s Got Talent and has over 500 million YouTube hits worldwide.

Jennifer Van Gool (Aerialist) is the 8th generation from a circus family from Switzerland. She performs  with her fiancée Thomas Barrandon.

Thomas Barrandon (Juggler/Quick Change/Crossbow) made his first steps in the circus ring at the age of 12 in his hometown in France.

Duo Eclipse (Skaters) are a dynamic duo, comprised of performers Steve and Georgia, who defy gravity and push the boundaries of trust through their mesmerizing roller skating routines.

Billy George (Cyr Wheel) is a professional acrobat from Leeds who appeared as a contestant on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and joined dance sensation Diversity for two UK tours.

Adam Boom (Fire) has been exciting audiences across the UK with his dynamic specialist fire act. Highlights include a 2023 tour of Aida - the Opera and performing for The Queen at her Diamond Jubilee.

Vocalists: Robbie Waugh (Lead Vocalist) was in Stop The Train and the UK revival of Jerry Springer The Opera; Wesley Bromley (Lead Vocalist) was nominated in the BroadwayWorldUK Awards as Best Leading Actor in a Musical as Peter in BARE A Pop Opera; Tori Murray (Lead Vocalist), Nikita Coulon (Lead Vocalist), Jamie Long (Lead Vocalist).

Dancers: Dione Hassell (Dance Captain/Dancer/Aerialist), Shonagh Leatherbarrow (Dancer/Hand Balancer/Aerialist), Rhys Richards, Stephen Strain, Brogan Paris, Liam Raven, Megan Dawson, Chris Travers

Produced by Entertainers.

Co-Producers James Taylor & Max Fox.

Choreographed by Lynsey Brown.

Tour dates and tickets:



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