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Cook like a Masterchef Finalist with Haar at Home

Earlier this year when in Lockdown some parts of the hospitality industry closed, never to re-open, others got stuck in making food for their communities, whilst others radically changed their business models. Dean Banks, the chef-patron of Haar, took the latter route; putting together a variety of pre-prepared luxury food boxes.

I'd been considering buying one as a treat when I received an email with an interesting crowdfunding proposition. The home delivery service had really taken off, Haar was able to re-open and Dean wanted to keep the delivery business going as well as the restaurant. To do so he needed a kitchen separate from the restaurant, more staff, more equipment etc. Could his customers help? As thanks we were offered various rewards in the future once it was up and running. So I made a small contribution and in return was offered two Best of Land and Sea boxes.

Haar at Home - Everything you need for a feast

Tier 4 in London for New Years Eve wasn't going to be the usual sociable evening we enjoy, so it seemed like a good idea to redeem one of the boxes. I was notified as it left Haar, and given a 2 hour slot within which it would be delivered. It arrived well packed and still chilled with a QR code for the cooking instructions.

Course 1: Dressed Crab (to share) with Spicy Mango Slaw (& Asian Dressing)

So how was it? The instructions were clear and easy to follow. 90% of the work had been done for us, all we needed to do was add sauces, seasoning, and do a very little simple cooking. Oh, and open a bottle of wine! (Our own, although you can add wine and champagne to your order)

Course 2 - Native Dressed Lobster, Seaweed Potatoes & Mirin Butter Sauce

It made for a relaxing and stress-free evening. We were able to enjoy each other's company without worrying about the food preparation. There was more than ample food. The quality of the products was high, with the lobster being the star of the show for me; it was one of the sweetest lobsters I've ever had.

Course 3 - 32+ Day Aged Grass-Fed Beef (Sirloin - Approx Weight 500g), XO Sauce, Seared Sprouting Broccoli & Smoked Mayonnaise

I doubt that we'll be out of Tier 4 anytime soon, so I suspect that the 2nd box may well be ordered for Valentine's evening.

If you like the sound of this, do have a look at the site as Dean is now featuring food from other Masterchef finalists in addition to his own recipes.

Haar at Home

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