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It's, It's a Ballroom Blitz! An evening of Glam Rock with The Get it On! Glam Rock Show

My first ever gig, at age 11 in 1973, was seeing Alvin Stardust at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon with my friend - I think that one of our parents sat in their car until it finished. Glam Rock seemed very exciting, with the men in platform boots, eye make-up, lots of bare chests and Biba clothes borrowed from their girlfriends.

It was all very daring, and was a step to growing up, away from idolising Donny Osmond and David Cassidy. It was a very British movement, encompassing both music and fashion, with only Bowie really breaking America - arguably influencing Lou Reed and Iggy Pop's style.

Man in long faux fur gilet singing on stage
Brian Connolly Junior

The Entertainers promised us a hit-filled evening, delivered by The Get it On! Glam Rock Show whose band members included Brian Connolly Junior, son of the lead singer of Sweet. They crashed onto the stage with Sweet's 'Ballroom Blitz' and set the tone for a rocking evening.

Man in black leather waistcoat and jeans singing on stage
My Coo Cha Coo

We were treated to Glam-Rock era Bowie songs, 'Spiders from Mars' and 'Star Man' amongst them. There was also an Alvin moment with 'My coo cha cho'. It would be impossible to have an evening of Glam Rock without Marc Bolan's T Rex - any excuse to get the feather boa out! 'Get it On' and '20th Century Boy' didn't disappoint.

We were reminded that Slade and Wizzard contributed a lot more to glam rock than their now classic Christmas hits, 'Cum on Feel the Noize' and 'See my Baby Jive' were good reminders of this.

Woman in sparkly catsuit and boots singing on stage
Rather taller than Suzi Quatro - simply stunning

I have to say that I'd never considered Mud, Showaddywaddy, Bay City Rollers or Suzi Quatro as glam rock - really more just the same era, but both Mud and Suzi are indeed included in this genre. The stunning singer in the band rocked out to 'Devilgate Drive' and 'Can the Can'.

Brian urged the audience to dance along, clap, wave our arms, sing the choruses and we obliged. A much more fun experience than going to a 'juke box' musical where this is discouraged.

Dig out those platforms, the glitter eye shadow, your feather boa and prepare to have a glamtastic evening with Get it on! The Glam Rock Show.

Touring into 2025 - dates and venues can be found here

We were guests of The Entertainers



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