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Love Lager Again

We're in strange times, but one of the better things to shine it's light, is that our neighbours have often become our most obvious interaction. With so many people working from home, our neighbours have probably seen more of us that our work colleagues! Many small gestures and helpful actions have helped smooth things along, and of course we can't currently shake a hand, put an arm around a shoulder, or give a quick hug to say thank you, but there are other things we can do.

We recently received an example of Freedom Brewery's Love Thy Neighbour initiative, a four pack of their magnificent British Lager and a remarkably high quality tote bag . the idea is that if you make an order for a case of any of their beers in their online shop you qualify for the Free gift pack. then just pop it on your neighbour's doorstep, ring the doorbell, or text them and run away!.... or hang back and just point and say "that's for you!"

To quote Matt Willson Managing director of Freedom Brewery, "Sometimes we take our neighbours for granted or keep ourselves to ourselves, We want to be part of communities coming back together and neighbours looking out for each other again. And what can be more British than sharing a beer and wishing them well. We hope it spreads a little bit of fun and happiness – and reminds us of what being a good neighbour is all about.”

Freedom Lager
Freedom Lager and Tote bag

Freedom brewery goes back a long way in craft beer terms, 25 years to be precise. Starting out in Fulham in London, they took the brave choice to move a goodly distance to Staffordshire. This not only gave them the much needed space to expand, but also allowed them to shift towards a high level of sustainability. Water is drawn from a spring, and waste water is returned via a reed bed filtration system. All the beers are 100% vegan.These are not your typical supermarket macro brand lagers in plastic 4-pack binders that you'll have forgotten in a few hours. Three other beers aside from the lager are also available. A pale ale, a Pilsner,and a Helles lager. All ingredients are British.

Freedom lager pack
The Good Neighbour pack

There isn't anything about this initiative that Isn't a great idea as far as I can see. Not only do you get to drink some great British beer whilst supporting British brewing and producers, but your also able to say thank you to that wonderful neighbour. To take part, simply enter the code ‘LOVETHYNEIGHBOUR’ during checkout. The gift pack, normally valued at £12.99, will be automatically added to your basket completely free of charge.

Freedom Brewery Ltd,

Bagots Park,

Abbots Bromley,


WS15 3ER



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