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Guest post by Deborah Tarrant

If you fancy seeing something stimulating, visually and aurally, and different, then Malevo is a must see.  It’s only on for a few nights so be quick.

Think ‘macho’ Argentinian gauchos, pounding drums, stomping feet, like horses, fast footwork, reminiscent of flamenco, and the addition of exhilarating use of a leather and stone hunting tool (boleadoras) whipping around the stage, then this about sums it up.  

The performance was mesmerizing and easy watching, other than the slightly disconcerting feeling of, ‘what would happen if they accidentally let go of one of those swirling tools?’!! 

Accompanied by a vibrant four-piece band set up on the back of the stage, consisting of percussion, guitar, violin, and a squeezebox (small accordion), the all-male troupe perform for a non-stop 90 minutes.

After over an hour of folk music, drumming and pounding feet from the very ‘macho’ men clad in a variety of outfits, mainly black, shiny and tight, with chests and muscles bursting out, dancing across the stage it was slightly strange to hear the band break into renditions of the Rolling Stones!  They then returned to their traditional style for an exhilarating finale combining all the elements of the show. 

The show is loosely based on the traditional Argentine dance of Malambo, which was learnt and passed down the generations of gauchos round the campfire at the end of a hard day’s horse riding and herding!  It is expanded and combined with elements of flamenco style complicated footwork (cepillados), stomping (zapateados) and drumming.  

31 October – 4 November

Monday - Saturday at 7.30pm  Wednesday & Saturday at 2.30pmPeacock Theatre, Sadler’s Wells West End

Tickets: from £18Box Office:Tel: 020 7863 8000 (12pm - 6pm)online: www.sadlerswells.comSOCIAL MEDIA - Sadler’s Wells Peacock TheatreFacebook - Sadler’s WellsInstagram - sadlers_wellsTwitter - @Sadlers_Wells

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