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Wonderville, a magical Cabaret.


Returning to the West End after a season last year is Wonderville, an evening of astonishing entertainment. We were invited along for a performance at the Wonderville in Haymarket, and what a show it turned out to be!

Opening as a bar and cafe from midday to midnight, the performances are staged at 8pm Tuesday to Sunday and matinees at 3pm on weekends.

The stage and audience floor are set out with tables in the style of an intimate club of the 1920s-1950s, and the two hosts for the evening Desmond O’ Connor and Chastity Belt sing, joke, gently joke and sharply wit their way through presenting the acts for the evening.

Mark Oberon
Mark Oberon, with his incredible card trickery

There’s a rotating cast of performers, and every single one that we saw was quite amazing. The choice of act stretched from Sword-swallowing, to incredible card trickery to aerial dancing whilst suspended from one’s hair!

Having seen a fair bit of magic in life, from Paul Daniels on TV onwards…. it’s always fascinating to see it done up close. Whilst the venue is intimate we were fortunate to be almost in the front row. To be sat only 10 feet away from Mark Oberon whilst he made a cane dance in mid-air and then explode into confetti and still be unable to see how it’s done is a seriously impressive moment.

suspended by the hair

Was it a good evening’s entertainment? Without a doubt, yes! Tickets run at £39.50-£49.50 and for that you get an evening’s remarkable entertainment in the heart of the West End.

Transport connections are easy, and it’s wheelchair accessible. For the money it’s a cracking show!

57-60 Haymarket,

St. James’s,

London SW1Y 4QX


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