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A review of Bronco Billy - The Musical

Bronco Billy – The Musical is a rollicking new musical comedy based on the original Clint Eastwood motion picture.

It’s 1979 and life is tough for a group of romantic fast-drawing, trick-riding, disco-dancing Wild West roustabouts and their travelling show, but things take an unexpected turn when Bronco Billy (leader of this rag-tag troupe) meets Antoinette Lily, a determined Manhattan heiress on the run for her life. So begins a wild, zany ride in this thrillingly upbeat musical about love, reinvention, family and living your dream.

I was looking forward to this musical as I enjoy western-influenced entertainment, whether it be movies or musicals. I think Bronco Billy - The Musical is a top-tier comedy, with an element of pantomime that engages the audience (and certainly entertained me). The comedy value comes largely from the brilliant Victoria Hamilton-Barritt who plays Antionette Lilly's (Emily Benjamin) evil stepmother Constance Lilly, plotting to kill Antionette Lilly for her inheritance. Constance Lilly and her allies, Edgar White Lipton (Chris Jared) and John Arlington (Silas Wyatt-Barke), make up the great trio of unapologetically nasty and funny characters.

It is impossible not to be captivated by Hamilton-Barritt's performance in this musical. A seasoned professional whose every move is a lesson in comedy acting.

Image showing a female character on stage in a musical comedy, pushing down the heads of two male actors.
Left to right: Chris Jared, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt and Silas Wyatt--Barke

This musical is a story of chosen family and supporting one another no matter what the circumstances may be. This togetherness is demonstrated very well by the cast though their effortless chemistry. In their efforts to keep moving forward and make enough money to audition for Hollywood, the cast brilliantly illustrates the message to follow your dreams. In the words of Beyoncé, this is hustle personified.

In the role of Bronco Billy, Tarrin Callender plays a character with a high level of emotional intelligence, integrity, and most importantly, compassion. It was refreshing to hear Calleneder use his lower vocal register, which projected well, and this isn't always the case with male vocalists in musical theatre who tend to steer towards the higher end of their tenor range.

The cast of a musical on stage around a bar table with beers in hand, singing with their arms around each other.
Left to right: Helen K Wint, Josh Butler, Aharon Rayner, Henry Maynard & Karen Mavundukure

The musical is well suited for Charing Cross theatre, and the set design makes you feel like you're part of the Wild West troupe. At the center of a revolving stage is the troupe's traveling tour bus that provides a great backdrop, but sometimes it gets in the way, which detracts from the overall seamless production. The costumes are great but could do with a bit more wear and tear to add to the authenticity.

Two actors on stage in a musical with one sternly looking at the other pointing a cowboy hat.
Tarrin Callender and Karen Mavundukure

All things considered, this is a perfect musical comedy for all the family. It's a great message for the world and doesn't need to be anything more than it is. The talent speaks for itself and is deserving of as many standing ovations as possible.

Bronco Billy - The Musical is unmissable and you are guaranteed to have a hog-killin' time!


Charing Cross Theatre

The Arches

Villiers Street

London WC2N 6NL Dates:

24 January 2024 - 7 April 2024

Tuesday - Saturday 7.30pm

Thursday, Saturday & Sunday - 2.30pm Website: For access bookings, please call the Box Office on 08444 930 650

Tickets: from £20

Running time: 2:30 including Interval



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