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Blood oranges are in season; 3 ideas about using them beyond peeling and just eating!

I have to say that I love blood oranges and find them incredibly versatile, they can be used for sweet and savoury dishes alike. One of the nice things about the weekend is having the time to experiment with new recipes. I hope that these three ideas give you some inspiration.

Gin, blood orange juice, and Prosecco spritz

This is how my weekend started. I started with a double measure of the Lone Wolf gin - I used this one partially as I imagined a wolf howling at a blood moon, and partly as I thought that the citrus peel used to make the gin would go well with the blood orange juice. I squeezed an orange for each drink (I love the variation in colour between the fruits), and then topped up with Prosecco. You could add soda water for a less boozy long drink.

I then made a winter salad that I served with grilled halloumi. Without that addition, this would be suitable for vegans. Initially I thought of adding some home pickled beetroot to the dish, and then decided that there was already a lot with the both cooked and carpaccio beetroot.

Blood orange, fennel, beetroot winter salad served with grilled halloumi

That all felt a bit too virtuous, so I then decided to pair my remaining oranges with some scallops and prawns, served with fresh griddled asparagus.

Seafood and asparagus with blood orange sauce ingredients

This recipe was fantastic for a light Sunday lunch. It'd also make a nice starter I think.

Why not give one of these a go, or let us know your ideas for using this fruit whilst it's in season.

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