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Gin Through the Post - A dream come true, but which one to subscribe to?

Updated: Jan 16

Are you thinking about subscribing to a gin club? A few years ago, these wouldn't have existed. But now there are several to chose from. How do you know which is right for you? We've done the research for you.

The contents of the October box from Craft Gin Club

The Craft Gin Club

What do you get? A full size bottle of a craft gin from around the world, 2 or 3 mixers, a syrup or similar to make the cocktail of the month, garnishes, a savory snack and a sweet snack. Plus the Ginned magazine with articles about the featured gin, cocktail recipes, and quizzes.

How much? £40 each box including delivery.

How frequently? Either quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. You can change the frequency at any time to suit your circumstances. There is also an on-line shop where you can purchase gins from past months, and you earn points from referrals and purchases which can be off-set against your regular box or a purchase from the on-line shop.

Pros: These are gins that aren't generally available on the high street. You get to try very different styles. The very active Facebook group is great for sharing mixer recommendations and other tips. See our recipe section for the William of Orange cocktail made with the 1689.

Cons: If you don't like the gin you're left with a full size bottle.

I Love Gin box contents

I Love Gin

What do you get? 2 x 50cl bottles along with suggested mixers and a little treat once a month, this is enough to make 4 gin and tonics.

How Much? A monthly box costs £14 including postage. You also get a £5 voucher which can be used in the online shop. If for example, you liked the Aber Falls and wanted to commit to a full bottle it’s £28, but only £23 with the voucher. There are currently 55 different gins in the shop to tempt you.

How Frequently? Monthly. But you can pause, skip or stop the subscription at any time if you need a break or change your mind.

Pros: It allows you to explore gins that you might not have previously tried, or indeed have even heard about without committing to a full-size bottle.

Cons: If you pour doubles you only get 2 gin and tonics from the box!


What do you get? A 200ml bottle, 2 x Mixer, Snack & Magazine

How Much? A monthly box costs £16 including postage

How Frequently? Either quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. You can change the frequency at any time to suit your circumstances.

Pros: These are often small batch gins that you wouldn't easily find elsewhere. The bottle size is more generous than I Love Gin for the same subscription cost.

Cons: The regular brilliant offers on craft beers and gift sets on other parts of the site are too tempting! The Daffy's Gin set being one example!

Daffy's gin set from Flavourly

Given that you cancel any of these subscriptions very easily, and that new members often get substantial discounts on the first order (£20 off from The Craft Gin Club), why not give one of them a go?

Craft Gin Club

I Love Gin


Disclaimer: I was sent the contents of the I Love Gin box whilst writing for another blog. All editorial content is my own.


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