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Liam Withnail's Chronic Boom - A Review

Liam Withnail is an award winning comedian with a sold out Edinburgh Fringe run under his belt. Bringing his critically acclaimed Chronic Boom to the UK for the first time, Liam is sure to win even more acclaim!

Image showing a male comedian in a hospital ward, wearing a hospital gown.
Liam Withnail

Liam is an exceptionally talented comedian who brought his full, authentic self to the stage. Chronic Boom explores Liam Withnail's experience living with a chronic illness and following his hospital stay. Liam uses his experience to raise awareness of the seriousness of his illness and how profoundly debilitating it can be, both physically and psychologically. Much is advertised about various diseases and illnesses and how they affect people, but there are serious illnesses that are not 'visible'. He does this, of course, with great humour.

Liam Withnail is a seasoned professional and a true storyteller, able to adapt his set to his audience without compromising the essence of the story. The unpredictable nature of his illness, which also means he may be hospitalised at any time, makes it very difficult for Liam's work and he has cancelled many shows. In this process, Liam's creativity and perseverance (and positive attitude) come into play, and he has found a new way to create and test his shows.

You must go and see Liam Withnail's Chronic Boom. It's an education and you will certainly laugh out loud, and might cry a little too.

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