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Jeffrey Bernard is unwell!

Robert Bathurst is playing Jeffrey Bernard
Robert Bathurst as Jeffrey Bernard

What could be a better immersive production in a Pub, than an immersive production about a character who spent the best part of his life in a pub? Nothing could be better is the answer particularly when it's presented in the Pub he spent most of his time in!

Jeffrey Bernard was a columnist for the Spectator magazine(when he felt like it or when he really needed the money!). And his columns were filled with with the acerbic wit of a man who lived every day through the lens of a brilliant mind, hazed behind the fog of an alcoholic life. His antics were the stuff of legend, who else can claim to have vomited on the queen Mother’s shoes at Royal Ascot? And pretty much every moment of his life spent not working(the vast majority) was spent in Pubs and particularly the Coach and Horses in Greek street Soho, where this immersive production is set.

Made famous by it’s notoriously rude landlord Norman Balon and the cast of regulars that included Francis Bacon, John Hurt, George Melly and Peter Cook amongst others, it was also the haunt of Keith Waterhouse who wrote “Jeffrey Bernard is unwell” and where he got to know Jeffrey well enough to create this play.

Jeffrey Bernard is played by Robert Bathurst who’s filmography is extensive and very familiar. Robert makes Jeffrey come to life in front of you and leads you from one laugh to another and another, whilst wandering around the bar, the saloon, and all the while helping himself to one Vodka from the dispenser after another.

As a production Jeffrey Bernard is unwell works astonishingly well probably because it’s performed at the scene of the original crime, so to speak. When Jeffrey mentions Norman the landlord you know that he did indeed do those things and say those words right where you’re sitting!

Playing twice a night on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays this is a little slice of original Soho life played out in the perfect setting of the Coach and Horses in Greek street, and not to be missed! Book your tickets soon

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