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The Royal Academy Winter Exhibition 2020

The RA's annual exhibition has been put on in the summer for 251 years until 2020, when due to lock-down, the 252nd was postponed until 6th October and re-named the Winter Exhibition. As with all non-essential business it's paused again until 3rd December. We were lucky enough to go before it had to close, and here are a few highlights.

What was striking this year was how many of the art works featured black subjects with some fascinating pieces. That fact that it was noticeable made us question why we don't usually see this in other exhibitions.

As ever, we found that were pieces that we loved, some that were thought provoking, and others that just left us puzzled!

Bronze at RA exhibition entitled, "Taking Back Control"
This chap was entitled, "Taking Back Control"

The lovely thing about the exhibition is that original pieces and limited edition prints are mostly for sale, so if you see something that you love, you can reserve it for 30% of the list price (the commission that the RA takes) and pay the balance to the artist when the exhibition has closed. Prices from £200 to £324,000. Some are available for purchase on-line.

Do go when it re-opens, or have a look on-line if you can't get there. Free to members, or £20. Booking is essential as numbers are restricted.

Burlington House,

Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BD.

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