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Friends and Relations at Gagosian

Reunited once more.

From Thursday the 17th of November, the Gagosian gallery in Grosvenor hill opens its doors from 6-8pm and thereafter Tuesday to Saturday 10-6pm for the exhibition of “Friends and relations”

This exhibition examines the interrelationships and friendships between Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach and Michael Andrews.

More than forty paintings have been collected together for the first time to illustrate how this group worked creatively as both contemporaries and friends.

Freud sits as the central character perhaps, but the artists works are all quite different. Yet one can see that they all had a common “feeling” about what they wanted to express.

This exhibition totals more than the sum of it’s parts unusually. One could visit individual exhibitions of the artists separately but the instant comparability here sets it above what you would normal expect from an exhibition.

Some of the early works of each artist are included alongside the later, and the gradual morphing of style and techniques can clearly be seen. Freud's dreamlike work contrasts with Bacon's rather disturbing but enthralling visions. Auerbach's work is multidimensional but brutal at the same time, yet Andrew's work is beautiful and precise. So different from each other yet so similar in vision. One can imagine them all together discussing a concept and each going on thereafter to try and capture it. The binding figure in the background is their friend Bruce Bernard whose photography is perhaps the catalyst for the exhibition.

Set in the quiet grandeur of the Gagosian gallery tucked away in the quietest part of Mayfair, this is an exhibition not to be missed if you are an admirer of any of the artists!

The exhibition runs until January 28th.

20 Grosvenor hill

London W1K 3QD

+44 207 495 1500

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